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Printed stickers for the fitness room walls.

The signage for the Excelsor Theater

Somaco Branding Wall

Setup with brand identity elements.

Career Gala Awards 2017

Wooden light boxes for Carturesti bookstores.

Kinetic hummingbird sculpture.

Design and execution of wooden trophies for FIS Cup Poiana Brasov 2019.

Laser cutting for ballet costumes Kreatur – Sasha Waltz.

Macheta dezvoltare imobiliara Belgia scara 1:1000

Design and manufacturing of IQOS products

Husqvarna Award and Custom Medals

Design and Msnufacturing of a Cardboard Display for Carturesti Bookstores

Ski Trophies for Teleferic Grand Hotel.

Anniversary Aluminum Trophies for TechLounge.

Wooden Acoustic Panels.

Aluminum Awards for Techlounge, 4th Edition.

Totems for Romania The Voice 2017.

Signage Elements for Decebal Tower

Conference Room Setup for Office Headquarters.

Wise-up Iluminated Logo.

Stainless Steel Signage Plates.

Wooden signage for “Ciorbarie”.

Customized wooden crates

Concept and arrangement of the Hyllan Pharma booth

Custom board + game pieces.

Polona 37 illuminated sign

WiFi payment system enclosures.

Concept and execution of a book sales stand.

Custom acrylic awards

Custom-made urban furniture – park benches.

Signage elements for Mall Ramnicu Valcea.

Painted topographic model.

Custom-made furniture for magazine display

Craft-Up cafe illuminated sign.

Carturesti decorative window elements.

Turn Up Awards 2017

Design and execution of the Primatehnic logo wall.

Event bar

Wooden bicycle/scooter for children.

Dunhill Anniversary Edition Design Objects.

Masterchef trophies for the 2014-2017 editions.

Wedding invitation design – experiment

Burgerfest trophies for the 2015-2017 editions.

Trofeul Kinomaidan 2015

Resin label holders.

Coffee table.

CNC machining of solid wood trays.

Prelucrare CNC chitara lemn

Prototype of a solid wood menu cover.

Reception signage

Essential oils presentation stand.

Signage for a design studio.

Perfume boxes.

Polish Institute Awards

Form Cafe Objects

Laser cutting of materials for the fashion industry – collaboration with the Netherlands.

Writing instrument holders.