Atelier 13 is more than just a company – it’s a symphony of skills and passions, harmoniously coming together since 2006. Beginning with architectural models, our journey has seen us evolve, adding layers of expertise in custom objects, digital fabrication, and bespoke furniture. Rooted in architecture and guided by an unwavering commitment to quality, we blend tradition with innovation, ensuring every creation is a testament to our craft.


Depending on the complexity and destination of your projects, we can respond to your requirements within one of the 4 departments in which Atelier13 is structured.

. Commercial and residential furniture

. Architectural models

. Production of custom objects

. Digital fabrication services


Our strength lies in our rich tapestry of backgrounds, from architects and engineers to artists. This varied expertise means we don’t just craft; we design with a deeper understanding.

We are


Our team is mostly made up of young people with a background in architecture and design and complemented by colleagues with technical skills from the engineering field.

We use


Our dedication to excellence is empowered by cutting-edge technology. From carpentry and metal works to CNC milling, 3D printing and UV printing, we seamlessly combine traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation. We combine technologies to produce products with a high degree of complexity and detail.

We offer


For Atelier 13, quality isn’t just a standard; it’s a promise. Every product, every service is a reflection of our meticulous attention to detail and dedication.


We specialize in making quality pieces, harmoniously combining wood, metal, paint, glass, composites and other materials. This way we can adapt to any design demands, tailoring shapes to fit your distinct preferences. What sets us apart is the diversity of technical solutions and materials we use, yet, it’s our commitment to quality and the passion for detail that truly defines our craftsmanship.

More about furniture ……


Our roots in architecture grant us a unique perspective. Our architectural models aren’t just structures; they are a meticulous rendition of dreams and designs. We collaborate with architects, real estate agencies and developers both nationally and internationally. Models can be conceptual or realistic and differ in complexity depending on the application.


Our team blends artistry with precision, using a diverse range of materials, including wood, metal, glass, and acrylic, to bring your visions to life. Whether it’s a personalized trophy celebrating a sports victory, an elegant sign adorning a storefront, or a unique plaque commemorating a special event, we infuse every piece with creativity and and meticulous attention to detail.

Through laser cutting and engraving and CNC services we offer the necessary support to those who want to materialize their own ideas or projects.


We are open to work on clients' ideas as well as to propose new ideas


We are looking for optimal technical solutions and materials for the realization of project requirements


We design the objects or offer solutions to optimize the projects provided by our clients


We process the necessary materials with the equipment provided


we post-process, assemble and finish machined sub-assemblies into finished objects


We pack the products so that they can be transported safely


The Atelier 13 team benefits from the expertise of its members in working with materials and in designing and creating tasteful and functional compositions. This specialization is due both to the studies that most of the colleagues have had in the field of architecture and design, and to the group experience gained in the 10 years of activity of the Atelier in creative and varied fields.


The team’s profile is the one that gives us the willingness and the possibility to accept new challenges and to find the best and aesthetic solutions by experimenting and combining different technologies.

Laurentiu Coceanga
Director general - arhitect
Laura Bursuc
Director executiv - arhitect
Olivia Predoiu
Asistent manager - arhitect de interior
Lucian Butnariu
Coordonator dep. machete - arhitect
Andrei Socol
Coordonator dep. laser - arhitect
Stefan Mocanu
Models Dep. - Architect
Iulian Toma
Dep. machete - arhitect
Bogdan Mandoiu
Operator laser - ing.
Beniamin Popescu
Dep. Productie - artist
Alexandru Bostan
Dep. Productie
Vlad Dumitru
Dep. Machete - artist
Ilie Pirvu
Dep. mobilier - Tamplar
Laurentiu Petrisor Dumitru
Dep. Tamplarie - Tamplar Universal
Stefan Stancu
Dep. Tamplarie - Tamplar Universal
Ana Gherase
Dep. Machete - Intern Arhitect
Dan Alexandru Oancea
Dep. Machete - Arhitect
Teodora Popa
Dep. Machete - Intern Arhitect
Ion Voicu
Lacatuserie - sudura
Manuel Vasile
Dep. Services - CNC Operator


Throughout the 17 years of activity, we have invested in more and more performing equipment, thus diversifying both the processing services and the execution possibilities and the range of materials we can work with. The driving force behind this desire to diversify was and is the desire to be able to develop increasingly complex and complete solutions in our projects.

The facilities we currently have allow us to provide our customers with services and products that involve a number of types of processing or manufacturing processes including: solid wood carpentry and wood panels, metal fabrication, painting, welding or mechanical assembly of components, laser cutting and engraving, mechanical cutting and engraving (CNC), 3D printing, cutter plotter cutting, bending of plastics and so on.

We cut and engrave using CO2 laser technology.
We mill materials using numerical control.
We produce stickers and cutouts using a cutter plotter.
We print large format on adhesive, paper, wallpaper, and canvas.
We assemble with great precision and finesse.
We ensure that the delivered pieces meet the established quality standards.
We design and assess optimal technical solutions for implementation.
We explore new techniques and solutions.
We finish our pieces with meticulous attention to detail.
We paint using various techniques.
We perform assemblies for the completed works.


Our client base is as diverse as our expertise. From real estate developers and architects to commercial spaces and artists, we serve those looking for precision, quality and a touch of the extraordinary. We are also proud to collaborate with event organizers, offering them prizes and exceptional signage.

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