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Custom Object Manufacturing

Special productions are those that benefit most from our passion for variety and design. We create small or medium series productions as well as unique objects, tailored to your specifications and needs. Depending on the specifics and requirements of the project, we are flexible in ensuring either just the execution, or both the design and execution of it.

To form a correct hypothesis regarding your work, we need you to send us the project or as much information about the desired object or objects. If you don’t have a project, we can come up with proposals, considering you take into account an additional time for solution study, besides the execution time.


We most often produce design objects for designers. Experimentation is an integral part of the creative process, so we are open to trying techniques and materials to achieve the desired effects or volumes.


Decorations are those objects whose main purpose is to beautify a space. The chosen material, color, and finesse of details define a quality decorative product.


For those who want to transform an event into something with personality, we make custom plaques or personalized trophies, props, numbers, or various displays for tables. (Note: The images from the provided links are not translatable, but I've provided a description for context.)


Writing instrument holders.

Masterchef trophies for the 2014-2017 editions.

Dunhill Anniversary Edition Design Objects.

Perfume boxes.