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Advertising production is a very broad field in which we try to bring innovation. We are dedicated to treating each project individually, paying attention to all the peculiarities that define its need.

To place an order, it is necessary to send us the project or specifications of the desired objects. The response time will vary depending on the clarity of the topic you provide, and the execution time will depend on the complexity of the work.


Volumetric or 2D letters, illuminated or not illuminated, along with figurative logos, are used for brand signaling or transmitting visual messages.


The illuminated signage element made in our workshop are custom-designed, in different shapes and materials.


Prolight signage is predominantly used indoors and is made from engraved plexiglass of different thicknesses, illuminated on the edge.


Displays are common objects, used to display various information in a space. You can opt for a personalized approach, which adds more value to the displayed content.


The totem is, by definition, an object of representation. They can be illuminated or not, but it is vital to successfully represent the brand's personality.


Directional signs are very visible due to their guiding role within spaces or buildings. They can be in tune with the personality of the spaces where they are displayed.


Writing instrument holders.

Dunhill Anniversary Edition Design Objects.

Form Cafe Objects

Design and execution of the Primatehnic logo wall.